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Gurus who encourage investors to sell are hurting  Amazon. It should have happened in the latter quarter of 2021. This is if they were going to recommend Amazon stock. Between the high in 2021 and the most recent price before the panic sell following its earnings report. Investors who held lost 1000 points. Amazon experienced a loss in the first quarter of 2022. It’s incorporating modern technologies. The company’s massive global e-commerce demand and stimulus checks came to an end last year. For the final quarter of 2021, the corporation experienced a significant abnormality in its revenues and profits. The lowest revenue quarter for this company’s year was unable to equal that growth.

Every day, we are surrounded by evidence that the adoption of and transition to web3.0 and a world powered by the Blockchain is gaining momentum. But how would we be able to tell when it has accumulated enough mass? The biggest merchants in the world, including Amazon, may start accepting cryptocurrency as payment or launch their own cryptocurrency on that day. The onset of saturation and adoption would then be indicated by this. During the past three months, 7.8 billion people visited Amazon’s website, compared to 400 million people who visited one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance. $569 billion was Amazon’s revenue in 2021; this would be a sizable sum to begin circulating around the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Amazon And Web3.0

Most people would have adopted cryptocurrency if Amazon started accepting it or turned it into a web3.0 environment. The crypto ecosystem would be undergoing $569 billion in transactions. Future systems that resemble the Hive cryptocurrency network, where users may earn cryptocurrency throughout the entire Amazon ecosystem, will undoubtedly revolutionize online purchasing. Amazon has the potential to evolve into a decentralized, crypto-based system that empowers the individual. As a significant business In web 2.0, they will perish if they do not transform.

Right now, where are we? Currently, you may purchase an Amazon gift card using Bitrefill and pay with cryptocurrency to receive a 1% discount. An alternative is to use a credit card secured by cryptocurrency. These are the options that are currently closest to using cryptocurrency on Amazon. However, the payment is still made in Fiat. Which way are we going? There are rumors that Amazon is developing its own coin to utilize on its site. This is fueled by rumors that they recruited someone to oversee their cryptocurrency strategy last year. Although Amazon won’t disappear in the near future, they are aware that it will need to change because the future is on-chain. We will know that cryptocurrency is here until they either accept it as payment or have their own.

Only individuals with a higher likelihood of staying with Amazon for a longer period of time are eligible to possess reasonably considerable stock ownership, according to Amazon’s stock compensation philosophy. Because of this Amazon stock vests at a rate of 5%, 15%, 40%, and 40% in each of years 1 through 4. Amazon gives sign-on bonuses, which are paid out just like salary every pay period, to make up for the deficit in years 1 and 2 because base compensation is likewise capped.

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