Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) – Why Steve Jobs Did Not Own A Sofa Or Chairs For Years, His Wife Had This To Say...


Steve Jobs’s widow Laurene Jobs touched on the Apple Inc AAPL co-founders’ aesthetic sense in a recent interview at the Code Conference.

What Happened: Laurene revealed that the couple did not own a sofa or chairs for many years because they couldn’t find common ground on the furniture. 

“People make fun of us because we couldn’t agree on a sofa or chairs, so for many years we had neither,” said Laureen while laughing, reported The Verge.

“It took many years” before the pair finally purchased a couch, according to the report. 

Touching on Jobs’ sense of aesthetics, Laureen said that Jobs developed it early in his life and “certainly” before she did. 

“He noticed details of everything. The way that the floor meets the walls meets the ceilings, the way the lights are recessed or not recessed,” said Laureen.

“He was very aware of both the physical and natural environment,” according to the Verge.

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Why It Matters: A tidbit that was revealed during the interview was that Jobs threw a Microsoft Corporation MSFT made music player, dubbed Zune, to the ground in revulsion when the journalist Walt Mossberg showed it to him.

The interview also featured Apple CEO Tim Cook and industrial product designer Jony Ive, who made major design contributions to Apple during his stint with the company.

In the same conversation with journalist and blogger Kara Swisher, Laurene revealed that Jobs would not be on Twitter and would not approve of the polarization prevalent in the current era.

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