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Technology has evolved so drastically in the last few years, yet several businesses still rely on archaic manual processes to get stuff done. Compleat Software is here to challenge that. The company believes in empowering businesses, large & small, in achieving the extraordinary. From removing tedious manual processes to making savings, Compleat transforms how companies function.

Neil Robertson is rejuvenating the company as the Executive Officer. He works towards using advanced AI and machine learning, Big Data and SaaS technologies to change the way small, medium, and large organizations buy. Neil strives to automate the entire purchasing process to save customers time and money on what they purchase, delivered at an affordable price point for every business. He is growing the global network of partners to access a rapidly growing market within a time of 4 weeks.

Sustainable IT Solutions

All business accounting requirements evolve as a company grows. However, at every stage of its development, it remains a universal truth that there is never enough time, money, or resources to do everything the company would like. Compleat’s mission is to help every business on their unique journey, making more time available for their staff, making b etter use of corporate money, and achieve more with it while helping everyone manage their work vs life balance. Compleat is also taking steps for the planet by being carbon neutral and providing the information to help every individual to understand the carbon emission impact of every purchase before they make it. They then report on their progress in reducing carbon over time so that everyone can collectively make a difference.

Step-by-step Automation

Automating the accounts payable process is the first step down the road to full Purchase to Pay automation for every customer. Taking this first step has become fundamental to addressing hybrid working and the increasing challenges of hiring and retaining great staff in the finance department.

The second step is to buy as much as possible online directly from your suppliers as an integrated part of the accounting process. The benefits of online buying from a purchasing experience perspective are known. However, this step also delivers finance with 100% visibility and control over spend before it takes place and then saves up to 90% of the time to diligently account for it.

An integrated online buying experience includes the company’s partnership with Amazon Business with the global launch of “Punch-In”. The user buys directly from the Amazon Business website, but the order is intercepted, dropped into Compleat for approval and once approved, everything else is automated.

For larger customers with higher spend levels, the final component of their automation journey is Compleat’s ability to capture the data from every invoice it processes. This gives the customers a unique level of spending business intelligence – what is being bought, by whom, from each supplier, and how much. This level of spend intelligence allows Compleat’s customers to identify and then deliver significant and sustainable savings whilst balancing their cost and sustainability priorities.

Teamwork is the Key

Neil expresses, “We have made it our priority to help every business understand and then systematically reduce their carbon footprint. This generation’s collective responsibility is to protect our world for our children, our grandchildren, and beyond.”

The company always keeps the family first. Like every business, winning and delighting customers and partners is always at the forefront of everything Compleat does. It recognizes that this can only be achieved through great teamwork, the constant striving by everyone to continually improve both individually and collectively, working towards common goals and pulling together to overcome the challenges it encounters.

Compleat believes the foundation of its culture is to build the opportunity for every individual to shine, exceed the expectations of their abilities and then repeat – and receive the recognition and increasing opportunities they deserve on their journey.

Valuing Partnerships

Compleat has been delivering e-invoicing since 2014, processing millions of invoices in dozens of languages and over 100 currencies. The AI / ML technologies are constantly improving to deliver the customers with a simple and fast “white glove” service where it does all the work so others don’t have to.

Compleat is built around Partnerships to deliver a digital community of our ERP Partners, their customers and the suppliers that service them. Neil says, “We are achieving this by delivering the “digital bridge” between them that provides a simple, seamless purchasing experience, at best value whilst giving finance total oversight and control over the end-to-end process.”

He concludes, “We believe in a world where the people that buy have all the applications, tools and information they need to become very proficient whilst simplifying and streamlining the costs of accounting for it, delivered globally through our Accounting and ERP Partners.”


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