BIOC token is very trending. What about the PLEX coin?



Cryptoffer is a new crypto assets comparison platform. It will provide quality assistance to crypto users for free. This platform is ideal for those looking for the best crypto offers concerning Defi savings, loans, and swapping.

The company has its own native utility token, COF. The latter is very trending on the ICO listing platforms. The team plans to launch its ICO sale on October 31, 2022. It will end on November 14, 2022. The total supply of tokens is 2,000,000,000.

According to the project’s tokenomic, 2% of this supply will go to early Bird/Seed investors, 17% will be set aside for Private sale, 6% will go to Public sale, advisors will get 2%, another 25% is for the team and 4% for liquidity. Moreover, 9% will go to the staking fund, and 35% will be set aside for marketing and Private sales bonuses.  

The Cryptoffer team aims to make cryptocurrency dealing simple and affordable for everyone. Some activities, such as Defi swapping, borrowing, and saving, are more commonly needed. However, not all users can do these things easily. Considering that problem, the company decided to offer customers a simple, secure, and transparent DeFi platform.

Thanks to Cryptoffer, users will be able to compare players associated with DeFi loans, swapping, and saving services. The project aims to become an online mall – a one-stop shop that provides all services in one space. Moreover, this platform offers a Crypto-saving comparison solution, Crypto loans comparison solution, and Crypto swap comparison solution.


What are the COF token’s advantages? 

The COF token has various benefits. Its holders will receive a commission from the company. Cryptoffer’s partners will pay monthly net fees, and the latter’s 20% will go to token holders in the form of profit dividends.

Besides, COF is Cryptoffer’s main token, and it plays a crucial part in the development of its ecosystem. Its value will be relatively low during the initial coin offering, but it will increase after the sale ends. Thus, early investors have a chance to gain by holding these tokens. However, every project contains some risks and requires careful consideration before investing.

Trending token isn’t Cryptoffer’s only advantage, though. According to the team, this platform will save users time. They won’t have to inspect DeFi lending, swapping, and saving platforms independently to find the best offers for crypto savings, loans, and swapping. Instead, they can find all info in one place.

Furthermore, the Cryptoffer platform protects customers. The company plans to validate every lending, saving, and swapping merchant before listing them. That will protect users from widespread crypto scams and frauds.

The team is working hard to ensure that its platform will be simple and easy to use for anyone. It builds everything with the user’s convenience in mind. Besides, the company offers 24/7 client support. Its team is always ready to help users and convey important crypto market information and tips to them.

Cryptoffer will do all of these free of charge. It does not require users to pay any fees. The company charges a commission only to merchants for successful deals and transactions.



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