Debris from a Chinese Rocket Launched Erratically Fall over the Sea


Over the Indian Ocean, debris from a huge Chinese rocket re-entered the atmosphere and fell off causing an embarrassment to the Chinese space community.

The Sulu Sea, a body of water between the islands of Borneo and the Philippines, is where the majority of the debris, according to the Chinese Manned Space Agency, burnt up upon re-entry.

The rocket rapidly started losing altitude as a result of friction brought on by the rocket rubbing against air at the top of the atmosphere, leading to what is known as a “uncontrolled re-entry” back to Earth.

Bill Nelson, the head of NASA, chastised China on Saturday for “not sharing exact trajectory information as their Long March 5B rocket plummeted back to Earth.”

Specifically for heavy-lift trucks like the Long March 5B, which pose a large danger of loss of life and property, all nations should “communicate this type of information in advance to allow realistic projections of probable debris impact risk,” he continued.


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