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There is no obvious winner in the duct versus ductless heat pump debate. Each of these has its usefulness and disadvantages. It would help if you clarified the basics before deepening the pros and cons. Here, in this article, experts will outline a comprehensive solution you can refer to when looking into both these options.

  • Understand the working of a heat pump

As the name suggests, heat pumps grab heat from the surrounding air and move the same to another. It is more efficient and greener than burning fuels to create heat as the furnace does. If you are buying a new heat pump, you must think of duct or ductless heat pumps, the most typical available options in the market.

Despite the term, heat pumps do not just heat. The heat pumps may function like air conditioners as well. It reverses the procedure, that is, removing heat from the surrounding air at your residence and sending it away. However, since the heat mum moves the air from one area to another, it will not work appropriately in places where there is not much heat in the air. For example, the heat pump will not be a decent choice if you live in a cold region where freezing is the general temperature.

The first common category of a heat pump is the ductless heat pump. It is also known as a mini-split heat pump or a mini-split. It works by blowing cold or heated air directly inside the room. The system is better for hearing small areas because these may not be able to push air throughout the residence. The main benefits of ductless heat pumps are as follows:

  • These are minimally intrusive.
  • They are less expensive in comparison to other alternatives.
  • These pumps are easily customized and create optimum temperature settings for every room.
  • These are efficient.

You may also know that it may be installed anywhere – on the wall, floor or ceiling.

The second most important category of heat pumps available at your disposal is ducted heat pumps, which are appropriate for large areas. These, also known as geothermal pumps, help heat air in multiple locations. The main advantage of ducted heat pumps is that they are practical and efficient. The duct system is cost-effective and convenient at the same time. The duct is hidden, and thus you will not have any unsightly components in your view. The winds may be closed inside the room which is not in use.

After considering the pros and cons of these options, you become better positioned to know which one will suit your requirement. Now let’s come to the other part of the story. If you want to get the proper installation of ducted or ductless heat pumps in your residence, you must take the help of contractors. Hence, look for a good HVAC contractor in Portland to get the job done in no time.

They understand working on similar projects; you can rely on their service. Along with this, they can also help you choose the pump depending on your requirement.


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