Elon Musk's New Twitter Poll To Decide Fate Of Suspended Accounts Who Doxxed His 'Exact Location'


Just hours after suspending several notable journalists’ accounts for violating Twitter’s new doxxing rules, Elon Musk has posted a poll asking if he should backtrack his move.

What Happened: Late on Thursday, Musk posted a Twitter poll asking if he should “unsuspend accounts” that doxxed his exact location in real-time. 

From the final result, 43% of people voted yes to immediately restoring the accounts, while a little over 38% voted for prolonged suspension.

Musk clarified that the current suspension would last for seven days.

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The billionaire entrepreneur later reposted the poll with only two options. It received more than 226,000 votes as of 11:50 p.m. ET, with over half saying the suspensions should be revoked immediately.

Why It’s Important: Musk-led Twitter on Thursday suspended the account of the rival platform Mastodon after it had seemingly promoted a link to an account that tracked his private Jet. 

The new doxxing rules were enforced after Musk’s son X’s vehicle was followed by a “crazy stalker” who jumped on the car’s hood. 

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