Former US Diplomat Says Many Russians Now Support 'National Extermination Of Ukraine'


 As Vladimir Putin‘s war in Ukraine enters its seventh month now, a former U.S. diplomat said that more and more Russians support Moscow’s acts and want to eradicate its war-torn neighbor.

What Happened: Daniel Fried, distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council and former Ambassador to Poland, in a tweet on Sunday, said, “It’s not just Putin’s war. Many Russians now support the Kremlin’s campaign of national extermination of Ukraine.”

“Some Russians now, and I hope more in the future, will look upon this descent into evil with horror and shame,” he added.

Fried said this while quoting a tweet from Sergej Sumlenny, a Berlin-based Eastern Europe expert who had posted a video of the Oscar-winning director Nikita Mikhalkov – who heads the Russian Filmmakers’ Union and is a staunch supporter of Putin.

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In the video, Mikhalkov said, “the Ukrainian language has become the image of Russophobia” and must be exterminated in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Putin-led government has been cracking down on Russians criticizing its invasion of Ukraine.

According to the OVD-Info human rights group, More than 224 Russians are facing jail time for calling the conflict a “war” or “invasion.” And nearly 16,500 people have been detained across Russia for protesting against it since the beginning of the invasion.

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