Hayyasport is one of the best Web 3.0 platforms for football fans. It offers a combination of football, Gamefi, and Defi to users all around the world. Besides, this platform allows players to join its ecosystem and stake sports matches such as NBA and soccer, as well as esports with its S2E gaming platform. Customers can also get rewards from in-game NFT.

As one of the most popular international sporting tournaments, the World Cup has billions of fans from all over the world. People are watching, cheering, and betting on their favorite teams as they compete against some of the most talented football players worldwide.

Thanks to the HAYYA platform, football fans can now not only watch top-notch tackles and exciting matches but also engage in a brainstorming penalty shootout against other players. If they make correct predictions, they will get rewards from the platform.

The founder team wants Hayyasport to become a bridge between football fans and the Metaverse ecosystem. This gaming platform is decentralized, fairer, and safer than traditional sports platforms. According to the company, all contracts are public. That ensures the transparency of each game, and users’ property will be safer than on the traditional platforms since HAYYA uses cryptocurrencies for staking.

Moreover, the company offers five categories of sports to stake, including NBA, Football, Soccer, Baseball, and eSports. It also has two ways to play: PVP mode with real-time odds and Sport-to-Earn with stable odds.

Hayyasport launched its native utility token HYA on July 27, 2022. The total supply of tokens is 500.000.000. The team stated that users could earn lifetime rewards by simply referring friends to HAYYA.


How does the Referral Program work? 

Users joining the HAYYA Referral Program will help the platform attract more people to the open digital economy world. Thus, the company will offer them USDT bonuses in return, adding them directly to users’ wallets.

The company also has another token $GOAL. It will only distribute the latter via Airdrop as an extra gift. The price of 1 $GOAL will be 10 $HAYYA. However, the users will need to send at least 1 $GOAL to their friends to create a referral network. Once they receive the send $GOAL, the platform will automatically consider them the user’s first-level referrals.

Furthermore, the customers will receive a commission for every transaction their referrals make. But they will only be eligible to receive Referral Commission when holding at least 1,000 HYA tokens. There is no limit to how much users can earn on this platform. They can send $GOAL to as many people as they want.

The Hayyasport team mentioned that GameFi had recently become quite a popular concept in the blockchain as well as gaming industry. With a combination of finance and games, GameFi elements provide users with both moments of entertainment and great earning opportunities. Unlike traditional games, the HAYYA platform with a GameFi element allows players to earn rewards with NFTs and move their assets out of the game’s virtual world. As a result, they can trade NFTs on the marketplace for extra profit. Overall, this project offers great benefits and opportunities for sports fans.


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