How to Change Your Life



An important key to psychological change is turning desired patterns of thought, feeling, and action into positive habit patterns.  We don’t do this through motivation.  We do this by finding ways of being who we want to be every single day, with each day building on the next.  Over time, we internalize those changes:  they become natural parts of us.

In short, paraphrasing Aristotle, we become what we consistently do.

If I want to become a more caring, less self-centered person, I will perform an act of caring each day.  If I want to become a more disciplined trader, I will carefully plan my next trade and make sure it is grounded in sound research and understanding.  If I want to become a more energized person, I will incorporate into my morning routine something stimulating and meaningful.

We climb the ladder of our ideals one rung at a time. 

In what way will you be your best self today?

What will you do today that you’ll be proud of as you get ready for bed?

You’re writing your own life story day by day.  Be the heroine or hero of that story, not an incidental character.

To achieve greatness in life, we must do something greatly each day.

What are you doing greatly today?

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