How to Combat the Great Resignation


A new era has finally hit the working environment. Employees are no longer forcing themselves to stay in jobs; they are either not enjoying or don’t feel appreciated. The great resignation is a worldwide movement where employees stand up for their rights in the workplace and force employers to finally look at the conditions and environment they are creating for their employees. As a business owner, you should always consider the next steps for your business and analyze how you can retain staff to continue the growth levels you are experiencing. Read on to find out how to combat the great resignation and retain your staff.

Encourage employee engagement 

Employee engagement is one of the most critical factors you need to engrain within your business. Employee engagement is simple when employees take pride in the business they are working in. They can show this pride by doing things such as being happy to go on corporate retreats with the team and actively sharing and liking things about the company on their own personal social media platforms. Employee engagement can, sometimes, be a difficult task to try and commit to. However, it is recommended if you want to encourage staff to stay in your business, especially if you are in one of the job capitals of the world such as London, where jobs are opening up every day. A great way to encourage employee engagement is to host annual team-building activities. If you’re struggling to think of activities, some businesses will do this for you, such as the London-based team-building company, Team Tactics.

Re-evaluate salaries and benefits 

One of the less thought-provoking things you can do to ensure that your business isn’t negatively affected by the great resignation is to evaluate salaries and benefits. It’s no secret that the reason that we are working isn’t all down to the love we have for the job, but more so, a need to pay expenses and bills at the end of the month. At this current moment, there is a cost-of-living crisis that is sharply affecting people all over the world. If they are in a place of employment where they feel underpaid for the amount of work they contribute, this will be the main factor in their reasoning for joining the great resignation movement. The best thing you can do from a business – and a moral – point of view is to offer your staff an excellent pay rate. To sweeten up the deal a bit more, you could also add in generous incentives such as annual bonuses. You have to remember; it is more expensive to recruit and train a new staff member than to offer generous increases in salaries such as this.

Put employees’ health and well-being first 

Before you even think about why employees might leave your business, ask yourself, have you even asked them how they are? Mental health is no longer stigmatized, and rightfully so. This means that as an employer, you have no excuse to give monthly check-ins to see how they are doing mentally and if there is anything you can do in order to help them destress. Offer them flexibility in the workplace to allow them any time they may need for doctor’s appointments or to go to the gym, as this has been proven natural serotonin for the body. This will ensure that your business is spoken about with the highest praises, and staff will want to stay in business.


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