How to Create a Remote Work Schedule - 2022 Guide


The situation with the pandemic, which we hope we have now completely overcome, has brought us new challenges in our daily business. There are more and more people who have to work from home. It certainly has its advantages, but also disadvantages. It is a completely new situation for most of us, which requires a lot of knowledge regarding the organization of our working time. However, managers are the ones who have a great responsibility in designing and monitoring their employees when it comes to working from home. Many would immediately start looking for daily reports, reviewing the papers of the work done, which takes time, and then the thought would come – how useful it would be to have employee attendance tracking software, right? And for this very reason, on this occasion, we are providing you with a guide on How to Create a Remote Work Schedule that will help you to better organize work in a team outside the office space.

Switch to the digital world

We must remember that we live in a time of digitization and the Internet. Outdated methods and techniques of handwriting, even the smallest note are outdated. Likewise, manually reviewing the work of employees, reading their reports at the end of the day, etc., can be painstaking. You need something that will save you time, right? Well, here is your chance to try employee attendance tracking software as well as numerous applications that are available to you. Logically, remote work requires increasing use of technology and the Internet, so accordingly we must come up with an adequate solution for measuring the time and productivity of our team’s work.

Making changes

Changes are sometimes difficult to accept; that’s why the way they are introduced is important. Pay attention to that. Let this be your first step together. You need to show the employees that you intend to introduce something new to your team. Make sure to explain why it is needed, what its benefits are and what the purpose of tracking employees’ time is. Then you need to present the employee attendance tracker software to them and clear up any ambiguities. By the fact that you will learn together about a certain software, you will gain their loyalty and security in using it. Encourage them not to be afraid of change.

Applications for employee attendance tracking

Due to the growing need to work from home, applications were also created to help monitor the work of your employees. These applications should increase the responsibility of your employees, save hours and costs for the company as well as create more accurate schedules. Some of them are Buddy Punch, Connecteam, Hubstaff, Clockify, and others. Research and see in detail what each of them offers and whether their functions correspond to the views of your company. You will see that the organization of your team will become a game and not a burden.

Approaching this way of tracking time can be a complete disaster or the most beautiful game that you will all benefit from. It all depends on what kind of approach you as management have. The implementation of this concept is not at all simple, but with a joint effort, the productivity of the entire company can be at a higher level, even though it is about working from home.


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