How to train your brain for success


The brain is our most important tool when it comes to achieving professional success. Those who find solutions and innovative new ways to do things usually quickly come out on top. But maintaining success requires perseverance, concentration, and discipline – all of which are also a matter of the brain. If you want to have a long-term career, you need the right mental fitness, which can certainly be trained. We’ve put together some tips on how to keep your brain fit.

What should brain training be like?

To exercise the brain regularly, you need tasks that are difficult but solvable. Challenges that are too difficult kill motivation, says, while tasks that are too easy have no training effect. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary to adjust the difficulty level again and again to the currently appropriate level.

Also, you should never do the same thing over and over again; for example, solve Sudoku puzzles every day without any supplement. This is because it only trains certain regions of the brain, which get used to the processes within a short time and thus hardly need to activate. Other areas of the brain lie permanently idle.

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Life itself is training for the brain!

Brain exercises are hiding everywhere in life, except when we are bluntly consuming. For example, the brain likes sports and exercise, preferably as much of it as possible. If you regularly go cycling, through the city and through the forest, you are doing something good for your entire body and also for your brain.

The same goes for jogging, playing tennis, horseback riding, soccer, basketball, gymnastics and dancing. If you combine several sports, you will train your muscles and your brain over a wide area. The activities should take place regularly, several times a week, to achieve a noticeable effect.

In addition, it is best to do other demanding cognitive activities, such as learning a new language that may even help you in business. Take a close look at whether you should brush up on your English or learn French, Spanish, Chinese, or Arabic, respectively.

What interests you – and what will get you ahead the most? Even if you’re already a certain age, over 40 or even over 50, it definitely still makes sense to think outside the box linguistically. You can only benefit from it, losing is not possible!

These nutrients boost your brain

Also, pay attention to your diet because it can give your brain an extra boost, as reported. First and foremost, drink enough pure water, 2 litres a day or more. This is because the brain itself is largely made up of water and is in dire need of replenishment.

Nibble on pumpkin seeds from time to time, they contain many omega-3 fatty acids and a high concentration of iron. Both substances positively affect the brain; iron, for example, boosts the production of “brain hormones”.

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Antioxidants from food protect our cells, including those of the brain, of course. That is why it is very important to pay attention to these substances when it comes to nutrition. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain especially much of them.

If you focus on dark berries and dark vegetables, you secure a lot of minerals and vitamins and the pigment anthocyanins, which have a strong antioxidant effect. So, don’t hesitate when you see blackberries or black currants somewhere!

Stress is bad for the brain, so don’t ask too much of yourself. Find your personal work-life balance, and train your mental fitness only in the way that brings you joy. Get together with friends a lot, don’t hang out in front of the TV too much, and stay active in your favorite ways. Relaxing in nature takes away a lot of stress, as does light exercise. Everything that benefits your overall health also positively affects your thinking. So, training do yourself as much good as possible!


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