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The new eSIM infrastructure will help modernise the IoT connectivity market with fast, secure connections and reduced vendor lock-in.

1oT, a tech startup from Estonia, aims to make eSIM technology the connectivity industry standard for the Internet of Things (IoT).

In a future-shaping achievement, 1oT is the first telecom-independent global connectivity provider to have built an eSIM infrastructure in the world’s most digitally advanced country, Estonia.

The new eSIM infrastructure, with GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications) accreditation underway, is only the 16th of its kind in Europe after G&D, IDEMIA, and Thales. This assures users of high quality and secure connections, helps to reduce vendor lock-in with multiple carrier profiles and opens the connectivity market to modern service providers. The eSIM infrastructure is open to licensing to telecoms of all sizes that aim to offer IoT companies and consumers new pathways to efficiency and savings. IoT companies can shop around for the most suitable telecommunications deal for their use case and location to scale to new markets with devices that run on a single physical SIM card all through their lifecycle.

This is big news for a connectivity market that hasn’t seen much change since 1991, when the SIM card was released, regardless of the revolution that has taken place in mobile device technology driven by Apple. While the worldwide number of IoT-connected devices is projected to reach 27 billion by 2025, the current state of the connectivity market has left connecting IoT devices to the Internet complex and expensive.

Despite the introduction of eSIM technology in 2016, which allows several connectivity providers to be accessed on one SIM card, its uptake and adoption have remained modest, due to a lack of cooperation between telecoms. Without eSIM technology, IoT companies need to negotiate deals with multiple telecoms, all of which require different SIM cards.

Founded by former Click & Grow COO, and Fortumo (now Boku) founder, 1oT has sold 1 million SIM cards to date, deployed in 130+ countries. Since its launch in 2016, 1oT has focused entirely on the needs of IoT companies, differentiating its connectivity service with modern technologies. This new milestone will also make 1oT the first all-in-one cellular connectivity provider for IoT companies to use its own independent globally accredited eSIM technology to deliver fast service based on a transparent pricing model that fosters customer growth. By increasing control over the infrastructure aspects of the service, the company aims to outperform the booming market for IoT-focused mobile network virtual operators (MVNOs), incl. Twilio and FloLIVE.

Märt Kroodo, co-founder and CEO of 1oT, commented:
“We are on a mission to empower IoT companies with modern global connectivity. The economy is moving towards efficiency and coherence, while the connectivity market has long been dominated by the legacy issues of the telecom monopolies that lock their customers into a single service and SIM cards.”

“We have seen amazing new technologies emerge, but far too many have seen slow adoption, undeservedly. It is time to make flexible eSIM technology accessible to every IoT service provider.”

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