Is The Stock Market Closed on Christmas Day?


Christmas Day is a wonderful opportunity to gather with family and friends, share a meal, and exchange presents. However, if you’re an investor, you may need to make some trades before the end of the year to offset your tax bill. Since you have the day off, Christmas might seem like the perfect time to make those money moves. So you’re probably wondering, is the stock market closed on Christmas Day 2022? Here’s what you need to know to plan your trades. 

Is The Stock Market Closed on Christmas Day 2022? 

Christmas Day is a major, federal holiday that’s celebrated on December 25th every year. Although some restaurants and convenience stores may stay open to serve customers on Christmas, the vast majority of businesses and organizations shut down for the holiday. And the stock market is no exception. The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and bond market will all be closed on Christmas Day.

However, since Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, the stock and bond markets would usually be closed for the weekend anyway. In order to give everyone a true Christmas break, the markets will observe the holiday on Monday, December 26th instead. 

Holidays that fall on Sunday (like Christmas Day this year) are celebrated by the markets on the following Monday. Holidays that fall on Saturday are usually observed on the preceding Friday. As a result of this rule, you won’t be able to make trades on Sunday, December 25th or Monday, December 26th this year, so make sure to plan accordingly!

Is The Stock Market Closed on Christmas Eve? 

Since you can’t trade on Christmas, you may be wondering if you can finish up your financial transactions on Christmas Eve instead. Because Christmas Eve is a Saturday, the stock and bond markets will not only be closed on the holiday itself, but also observe it officially on Friday, December 23rd.

Since the stock market usually operates during its regular business hours on Christmas Eve, you’ll be able to trade as normal on December 23rd. However, the bond market usually closes early on Christmas Eve, so you’ll only be able to make trades before 2 p.m. on the Friday before Christmas. 

Is The Stock Market Closed on New Year’ Eve? 

As you’re planning your end-of-year trades, you may be wondering if the stock market is open or closed on New Year’s Eve as well. Like Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday, so it will be observed on Friday, December 30th. 

Luckily the NYSE and Nasdaq usually stay open during their regular hours on New Year’s Eve. So you’ll be able to trade as normal on December 30th and make those important, last-minute money moves. However, keep in mind that the bond market closes its doors early on New Year’s Eve, so it will shut down at 2 p.m. on December 30th. 

What About New Year’s Day? 

Want to get the year started on the right financial foot by making some trades? New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday, which means it will be observed the following day (Monday, January 2nd). Both the stock and bond markets usually close on New Year’s Day, so you won’t be able to make your first trades of the year until Tuesday, January 3rd. 

How are you planning to navigate these holiday closures? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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