In recent months, Kucoin has attracted a lot of interest as more cryptocurrency investors start to pay attention to this altcoin exchange. Despite the fact that Kucoin may not be the largest exchange out there, it does provide some distinctive features that traders should take advantage of, such as its native Kucoin Shares (KCS) currency and referral program. Here are some strategies you can employ to exploit these features to your advantage and gain a competitive edge.

Kucoin, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange established in 2017, is expanding quickly as a result of its frequent giveaways, bonuses, and user-focused promotions. Offering a large number of trading pairs and cheap transaction costs, the platform places a strong emphasis on both trading volume and user experience. Thanks to its straightforward user interface and sophisticated features like stop-loss orders and margin trading, many users concur that it’s one of their preferred ways to trade cryptocurrency. Find out more about why other people adore it here.

Kucoin is currently in the startup phase because it is a more recent cryptocurrency exchange. This implies that not all crypto enthusiasts from countries of the world can take advantage of Kucoin . And there are now only roughly 50 cryptocurrencies available for purchase and sale. But it does have a number of distinctive features that rank it as one of our top trading platforms.

Platform for Cryptocurrency Exchange

The popularity of exchanges grows together with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Users can transfer digital currency tokens on sites called cryptocurrency exchanges in a standardized manner. Platforms for crypto exchanges make it simple for anybody to purchase, sell, or swap one kind of coin for another. Kucoin, one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms with the greatest growth rate today, is one of these exchanges. KuCoin, the People’s Exchange, is happy to announce the release of yet another innovative financial product. We are introducing dual investment products for bitcoin and ether in both buy low and sell high trading strategies.

All items are now available for subscription, with subscription terms ranging from 1 to 28 days. At the time of writing, the products offer a reference APY of up to 329.5%. The stablecoin component of the investment is Tether (USDT), which is used in conjunction with the current products.

What does KuCoin’s “dual investment” mean?

Dual investment is a high-yield structured financial product for wealth management that uses two separate currencies. It is a financial instrument with a floating return that is not principal protected. Based on the predetermined benchmark known as “Target Price,” the returns are modified.

Simply put, Dual Investment users invest one coin and have the option of receiving revenue from two different assets. When one places a crypto asset , it is locked and users can profit as the investment asset’s value rises. Investors’ potential earnings are based on how their staked asset performs at maturity. Dual investment is advantageous and useful in a variety of situations, including when you want to:

  • Boost holdings of cryptocurrencies
  • Hold additional stablecoins
  • Purchase bitcoins at a discount
  • Sell cryptocurrency for a premium

KuCoin intends to provide a full-service token exchange with native support for multiple languages, stability, cutting-edge order types, and a variety of cryptocurrencies.


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