Legends of Aria introduces an exciting game with hot tokens



Legends of Aria is a great game that offers an immersive storyline and unique features. The team has already fully developed this MMORP game. It is now moving it on-chain. According to the company, Legends of Aria will be the ultimate fantasy metaverse. Moreover, gamers will be able to build their own virtual homes, own land, and venture out to explore this world. They can even use various skills to earn virtual assets.

Legends of Aria’s economy are based on digital tokens. That means users can not only acquire exciting assets but also mint and resell them as NFTs. Gamers can also monetize their time by collecting items, such as armor and rare weapons, and then trading them on the company’s NFT marketplace. The team is still working on the latter, though. Players can mint almost all assets in the game, including their characters, the deed to their house, and their tamed pets. By selling NFTs, they will gain handsome profits.

Furthermore, Legends of Aria will feature a one-token economy, meaning that it will sustain itself with only one native token – ARIA. The latter will operate as the game’s governance and utility coin. Users will need it for various functions if they want to enjoy this platform fully. Besides, many of the platform’s systems will burn the ARIA tokens in the process. That will continually deflate its supply and increase the value.

The team stated that players wouldn’t be able to earn the ARIA tokens in the game by simply playing. The only way to acquire these tokens is to win certain competitions or participate in-game events. Thus, there will be no inflation.


What about ARIA’s ICO sale? 

The company plans to launch its ICO sale on August 17, 2022. It will end on August 23, 2022, though. ARIA is a SOLANA token. Its price will be 0.035 USD per ARIA during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $1,050,000 with the sale. The total supply of tokens is 637,500,000, but only 18,8% will be available at this stage.

Moreover, Legends of Aria invests in stable server technologies. It also boasts a head-start over other similar blockchain MMOs. Thus, this game has a real potential to become the first mainstream 3D blockchain MMORPG on the global Defi market. The team aims for Legends of Aria to become one of the most successful NFT games worldwide. It plans to continually develop the platform to achieve that goal.

The company uses the Shards Engine to power the platform. The latter is designed for the fast development of immersive virtual worlds. However, it also focuses on digital property, such as land ownership. Shards Engine supports 1000s of gamers in the same universe currently. Besides, it’s completely stable and reliable.

Legends of Aria will adopt a play-and-earn model. Its users will be able to earn and lose real value in real-time through immersive and exciting online gameplay. The platform already boasts a loyal community. It also has interesting, advanced features, including customizable housebuilding, boats, proximity voice chat, new armor, and weapons.


Mizar’s token is still rallying. Why’ that? 

Mizar is a great next-gen trading platform. Its users can invest in successful trading strategies, as well as optimize their crypto-trading. This platform will enable them to securely allocate capital across a wide range of advanced trading tools. However, the company employs trading strategies and tools that are simple to use. Besides, everyone can access this platform and benefit from its offerings.

The team has created an MZR token for utility purposes. This BEP-20 coin is very trending. During the ICO, the token price will be 0.0015 USD per MZR. The company aims to raise 100,000,000 with the sale. However, the total supply of tokens is 10,000,000,000.

At first, the founders of Mizar had been creating trading tools for institutional traders and investors. They aimed to help various organizations successfully automate their trading processes. That’s very beneficial for companies, as using algorithms that automate trading strategies significantly reduces risk. At the same time, that increases profitability for the companies. However, the team decided to go further. They now aim to deliver advanced but simple-to-use trading tools to the market and make crypto trading accessible not only to a limited number of firms but to everyone. Mizar also wants to solve the complexity of crypto trading.


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