Musk Calls For More Nuclear Power, Says Some Environmentalists Are 'Anti-Human'


Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk has again advocated for nuclear energy. In the latest tweet on Friday, Musk called for countries to increase nuclear power generation and said it is insane to shut them down. 

Replying to his tweet, one of his followers blamed the environmentalists and said they are not pro-clean energy. 

Responding to him, Musk said, ‘Some (environmentalists) are indeed sadly anti-human’.

In July, Musk said he is pro-nuclear power and was “surprised by some public sentiment against nuclear.”

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Earlier in March, Musk tweeted that European companies should generate more nuclear power to offset any shortages. 

He even offered to eat food grown near reactors live on TV.

It is crazy to shut down nuclear power plants now, especially if you are in a place with no natural disasters. If you are somewhere where severe earthquakes or tsunamis occur, it is more of a question mark,” Musk said during an interview

He added, “If there is no massive natural disaster, then there is no danger with the nuclear power plants.” 

Photo: Courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation on flickr


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