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Generally, people think that various online crimes are dangerous only for those who use computers. However, it is not true – you have to make sure that other devices you use are secured as well. Especially having in mind that while we have various anti-virus programs on computers, we often do not have them on other devices.

So, is security software necessary to have on your smartphone? Are there any other tools that would help to secure your device? The answer is clear – any device that has access to the Internet is insecure. It means that you have to take care of its safety. One of the ways to do it is to start using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is a safety tool that guarantees that your connection online is private and anonymous. How is it done? Using a VPN creates a tunnel for data you exchange with your local network and hides your real Internet Protocol address (IP address) so that no one can see it. It becomes invisible to hackers, government agencies, various corporations, and even your Internet provider. It also encrypts the information you send or get from others.

How does a VPN protect your smartphone?

The VPN on your phone works exactly the same as on other devices. Since you send emails, messages, photos, and other files on your phone almost every day, as well as social networks and online banking, you also need to protect this device. Not only to protect information from leakage but also to prevent yourself from thefts and other losses.

Why should you use a VPN service?

  • Encryption: It not only hides your IP but even confuses others because when you choose a VPN, you can choose whichever server you want to connect to each time. This means that others will see you in the online space for your fake location that you selected when choosing the server location. The best part is that they do not know whether the information they see is true.
  • Safety when using public Wi-Fi: Using a VPN masks your IP so that anyone can track your activity online even if you use public Wi-Fi. Because you can’t know who else is using your public Internet connection and whether it’s really safe, it’s better to prevent possible theft of your personal information in advance.
  • Less risk of losing important information when working remotely: As the number of people working from home increased after the pandemic, hackers became interested in this information. As a result, the number of cybercrimes has increased significantly. If you do not want to get on the list of victims, then you should take care of the security of your device; it will prevent malicious activity.

Other advantages of using a VPN:

  • Booking tickets and accommodation;
  • Accessing websites that are blocked in your region;
  • Location privacy;
  • Prevention of Data Throttling;
  • Better connection speed;
  • Possibility to use the same VPN service on a number of devices.

What to start with?

Do you feel convinced of the need for a VPN, and are you considering where to purchase these services but do not know where you could find them? Check these links out, here you will be able to find VPN for IOS and VPN for Android. The task of choosing the best VPN service provider might be challenging. Therefore, before choosing one or another supplier, it is useful to take into account the feedback provided by their customers about the services provided. Also, if possible, try their services. Most VPN service providers offer the opportunity to try their services for free for a period of time.

According to Cyberwaters, NordVPN has 5400 servers in 59 countries worldwide and is the best VPN in 2022. However, it does not provide a free trial. Other options which are worth attention are AtlasVPN and PrivateVPN. Even though these have fewer servers to choose from, they are recognized as one of the safest VPN service providers. After you choose the one that fits your needs, in a few clicks, you will be ready to use it!


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