Nadir Godrej On A Nation’s Tale Of Resurgence And Revival


The journey has not always been easy. We have faced our share of trials. We walked some dark roads. But, demonstrating our trademark grit, resilience and perseverance, we have always found our way back to the light.

We must, therefore, celebrate this most significant of milestones, the 75th anniversary of our independence. But as we do so, we must also take a moment to reflect on how we got here and cast our minds forward to think about the India we want to build for future generations.

At the Godrej Group, we see ourselves as one of the custodians of India’s destiny.

Our roots lie in the Swadeshi movement and since 1947, whether that’s through building ballot boxes for our first democratic elections or igniting our country’s interstellar ambitions, we have been among the central protagonists in India’s post-independence growth story.

It’s only natural, then, that we feel a compelling sense of responsibility for our country’s future.

So what do I envision for India?

I envision an India that is united. I envision an India in which we have eradicated inequality, reduced, poverty and drastically narrowed the health gap. I envision an India where everyone, regardless of background, has equal access to the same quality of education and healthcare. I envision an India that is self-reliant. I envision an India that continues to stay true to the democratic principles on which it has been founded.

I’m not envisioning a fool’s paradise either.

The vision I have for India is very much attainable and as I consider the future, I am filled with a sense of optimism.

We stand on the cusp of an exciting new era, an era rich with opportunity. It is an era of change when technology is redrawing the boundaries of human existence on a near-daily basis. It is an era when the established order is being challenged and upended by young nations and new ideas.

It is a time when a country like India can confidently stand up and asked to be counted.

This newfound confidence is being reflected in the changing aspirations of our population, which, incidentally, is the world’s youngest. Just as India is gaining a voice on the world stage, so too are our youth.

If we harness their potential by creating the right opportunities for them, there is no reason the next 25 years can’t be our most prosperous yet.

But of course, optimism must always be tempered by challenges and there will be plenty in the years ahead. The Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the accelerating effects of climate change have only given us a taste of what may be.


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