North Korea Enacts Law To Realize Kim Jong-Un's Vision Of 'Beautiful And Civilized Socialist Fairyland'


Kim Jong-un‘s government passed legislation on Wednesday to turn North Korea into a “beautiful and civilized socialist fairyland.”

What Happened: The North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly met on Wednesday for its first session and introduced landscaping and rural development laws, the state-owned media KCNAWatch reported.

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The new laws would help advance Kim’s ruling party’s efforts to bring about “a radical turn in the rural community and its policy on landscaping to achieve a rapid development of the Korean-style socialist rural community and spruce up the country into a beautiful and civilized socialist fairyland,” the report stated, citing a deputy’s speech to the gathering.

The supreme leader of the isolated nation, who did not attend the parliament session, has vowed to improve the livelihoods of North Koreans and boost rural development amid spiraling economic crises caused by COVID-19 lockdowns and western sanctions over its nuclear weapons program.

Meanwhile, White House officials have warned that Russia could be about to buy “literally millions” of artillery shells and rockets from its ally North Korea.

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