OBSERVE & TRADE: Trading the perplexity of the Stock Market*: Let's pause for a while in the market


Let’s pause for a while trading the market, when the market not feeling right, we need to take a break and spend our time with our personal hobby.

Been having a fun ride with my hobby collections.

Others are doing investing in antique materials, jewelries, watches, shoes? ( I do!), and others.

But my hobby investment is different.

I shop around pawn shops and antique stores to see some old guns to buy for investment.

Got a nice deal lately with almost 60 year old Walther P38, and per my research, there are only 200 in possession mostly in the US, and all if not most of those manufactured in the post World War II were all decommissioned or were destroyed.

I’m one of the owner of those 200 Walther p38.

Added to my investment collections are also old (60+ year) Yugoslavian Tokarev, and CZ 82 Makarov.


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By Unknown