Optimi Health (OPTHF), (CSE:OPTI) – First International Psilocybin Supply Agreement For Optimi Health: Here Are The Details


Optimi Health Corp. OPTI OPTHF 8BN, a Canadian-based company licensed by Health Canada to produce and supply natural psilocybin and other psychedelic substancesannounced that it has entered into its first international psilocybin supply agreement with Promises Innovative Recovery (“PIR”).

PIR is a globally-minded medical, research, and educational center focusing on preventative healthcare, precision medicine, and innovative treatments, including psychedelics-assisted psychotherapy and plant-based therapeutics. Pamela and Gary Roberts, founders of the Florida-based Social Impact Organization, provide expert substance abuse, addiction, and mental health services to treatment centers through its comprehensive and exceptional intensive outpatient protocol.

Focus on the health and wellness markets, Optimi Health will be collaborating with PIR “on the establishment of a Center of Excellence in Costa Rica devoted to scientific research, therapeutic discovery, and advancing techniques in psychedelic-assisted mental health treatments utilizing both cannabis and psilocybin,” reads a press release.

Medicinal And Therapeutic Psychedelic Research

Related to Costa Rica’s regulations around the medicalization of cannabis, Optimi showed interest in supporting PIR’s work with the Costa Rican government “to establish a medicinal and therapeutic psychedelic research framework in collaboration with public and private sector stakeholders.”

“The need for a safe, consistent supply of psilocybin for scientific research and better health outcomes is not limited to Canada,” said Optimi Health CEO Bill Ciprick. “As we look to the international research and commercial landscape for psilocybin, we are now presented with the opportunity to both supply and participate in the establishment of a ground-breaking research center whose work will translate to very real, lived advancements in patient care.”

Medical Cannabis And Therapy Psychedelic

Bryan Safarik, Chief Operations Officer of BC Green, said that “the leadership of the Costa Rican government, and Promises Innovative Recovery, is an excellent chance for industry stakeholders to move forward in partnership and good faith with national health authorities. It is our sincere hope that this collaboration, beginning with research and medical tourism, will lead to a more complete regulatory framework for the widespread medicinal implementation of cannabis and psychedelic therapeutics.”

“Our agreement with Optimi and BC Green instantly validates the quality and scale of supply required to support a future medicinal and therapeutic framework in Costa Rica,” said the co-Founder of Promises Innovative Recovery, Gary Roberts, who is meeting with Costa Rican officials and interested stakeholders this week to discuss the licensed framework.

Roberts also lauded Optimi and BC Green’s expertise working within Health Canada’s Special Access Programme (SAP), a regulated model accessed by Canadians facing serious or life-threatening illnesses. “We have an opportunity to build a clinically validated, compassionate access framework, much like the SAP model in Canada, that would put Costa Rica’s psychedelic medical tourism industry in a league of its own.”

“Our strategic partners, Knowde Group, are leaders in this sector and will be providing the clinical and regulatory guidance to accomplish this. There are tremendous benefits in this space, and we are looking forward to exploring them together,” Roberts added.

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