Other ways to earn money online


Looking for ways to make money on the internet? That’s actually a good idea, especially now that we are still in the middle of this pandemic. While most people are working a 9-6 job, you can maximize your time by earning online.

There are actually a lot of opportunities on the internet. The world is getting digitized and you should embrace the change by changing your career path or adding some channels of income to your full-time job. There is no wrong with using the internet to make money. In fact, a lot of successful entrepreneurs and individuals are making a lot of cash because of the internet.

If you’re here looking for some ways to find your online cash cow, here’s what I think you should do.

Get a freelance project!

The first source of money online is freelancing. You can earn more than your full-time job if you have projects as a freelancer. Aside from that, the freelancing doesn’t require a high level of experience. It’s enough that you have worked as a virtual assistant or a good writer, for example, to get a project. There’s no limit to how many projects you can take. You can get as many freelancing jobs as you can and earn as much as you want.

Participate in online surveys

If you are not up for a freelancing job, then maybe you can do some admin tasks in exchange for money or gift cards. Although it’s rare in the Philippines to pay for someone to participate in online surveys, for instance, you can find a good website online where you can join. These websites are usually US-based or somewhere abroad. But, since the tasks are done online, there’s no need for you to travel to get paid. This is a must-try money-making online scheme.

Establish your own blog

Although Vlogging has overpowered Blogging, we can’t get rid of the idea that people still make money through writing and publishing them on their websites. That’s right, blogging can still help you earn money on the internet! You can either build your own website or start blogging on platforms that pay money. A good example is Medium. However, their partner program is not open to the Philippines yet. You can look for other similar platforms and send your application. Once your application gets noticed, you will gain access to the platforms’ partner program that will pay you money based on the views you get.

Try vlogging

You can also try vlogging by creating Youtube videos. Youtube will pay you for every view once you reach at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours views. This has been a trend for years. People who can create good quality content for their subscribers are earning millions. Just imagine doing this while having fun and earning at the same time. For sure, you wouldn’t want to end vlogging and you will be more than willing to learn new vlogging and video editing skills to earn more!


Image and article originally from marvingermo.com. Read the original article here.