People Increasingly Using Weed For Off-The-Couch Activities Like Work, Fitness, Intimacy: 'It May Sound Counterintuitive, But Cannabis For Responsible Adults Does Exist'


A study undertaken by the San Francisco-based cannabis delivery platform Eaze found an increasing crossover between cannabis use and off-the-couch activities including work, fitness and intimacy, reported Adweek.

“It may sound counterintuitive, but cannabis for responsible adults does exist,” said Elizabeth Ashford, vice president of communications at Eaze

“We’re seeing the integration of cannabis into parts of life where we previously didn’t see it. It’s not about waking up and hitting a bong,” Ashford told Adweek. “Some people may take a 2-milligram Sativa edible like someone else would drink espresso in the morning.”

The study, which included 1,100 Eaze customers, found the following:

  • 43% of users polled said they microdose cannabis prior to clocking in to their jobs (40% have full-time employment);
  • 36% reported that “productive” is their favorite kind of high;
  • 22% use cannabis for stress and mental health;
  • 17% cited “fun” as their primary motivation to use cannabis; and,
  • 12% said better sleep was their main goal.

The survey also asked about the role cannabis plays in many other aspects of people’s lives, including careers and intimate relationships.

These were the results: 

  • 40% paired cannabis with a new skill or hobby in the past year;
  • 64% ranked art and music as the top two activities they integrate with cannabis;
  • 37% paired cooking with cannabis;
  • 79% of Eaze customers reported using cannabis before sex.

Finally, 37% said they pair cannabis with their workouts, countering the erroneous and outdated image of couch-locked stoners.

These facts, doubtless, are music to the collective ears of cannabis entrepreneurs and producers who will surely be delighted to provide weed to this busy and rapidly growing segment of the population. 

Original publication: October 29, 2021


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