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Exit strategy implementation is a critical aspect of successful covered call writing and put-selling strategies. Over the years, we have discussed rolling options as an integral part of our position management arsenal. This article will detail a new rolling strategy… rolling-in.


Rolling definitions

  • Rolling-up: Close out options at a lower strike and open options at a higher strike
  • Rolling-down: Closing out options at one strike price and opening options at a lower strike price
  • Rolling-out (forward): Closing out options at a near-term expiration and opening at the same strike at a later date. Can be combined with rolling-up or rolling-down.
  • Rolling-in: Closing out options at a current-term expiration and opening at the same strike at an earlier date


When to consider rolling-in 

Avoid risky corporate or market events

  • Earnings reports
  • Fed announcement
  • FDA product announcement
  • Corporate news conference
  • Political events

Personal business commitments: unavailable to monitor trades

  • Family vacation
  • Business trip
  • Hospital stays/medical reasons

Must liquidate position by a specific date

  • Cash needed for other obligations


Real-life example with Etsy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ETSY) 

  • 2/15/2021: Buy 100 x ETSY at $233.86
  • 2/15/2021: STO 1 x 3/19, 2021 $240.00 call at $16.90
  • 2/22/2021: BTC 1 x 3/19/2021 $240.00 call at $17.60
  • 2/22/2021: STO 1 x 3/12/2021 $240.00 call at $15.50
  • 3/12/2021: ETSY trading at $242.11 and exercise is allowed as shares are sold at the $240.00 strike


Initial trade entries

ETSY: Initial Trade Entries


Initial trade returns

ETSY: Initial Trade Returns


The spreadsheet shows a 33-day initial return on the option (ROO) of 7.23% with an additional upside potential of 2.63%, should share price rise to the $240.00 OTM strike by expiration. The total potential maximum return is 9.86%.


Trade adjustment entries

ETSY: Trade Adjustment Entries

The 3/19/2021 expiration is rolled-in to the 3/12/2021 expiration at a net option debit of $$2.10 ($17.60 – $15.50).


Final calculations

ETSY: Final Adjusted Calculations


The spreadsheet shows a final combined stock and option return of 8.95%, slightly lower than the initial maximum return of 9.86%. Keep in mind that the cash involved the trade will have an additional week to re-invest to mitigate the minor decrease in the maximum return. However, the exit strategy avoided a potential risky event in the final week of the March contracts.



Rolling-in is a new and additional position management technique that can be utilized to avoid risky evets as well as allow for better management and needs. The cost to roll-in will typically be low or may result in a higher annualized return but will always lower the overall risk inherent in our portfolio positions.


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