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Nfts has gained a reputable position in the modern world. The world is changing and developing rapidly with new technologies, especially in cryptocurrencies, and opportunities for investments nowadays.

We have been thriving to create something unique for those who joined our Seaside Club. Many artists are creating their NFT collections, and we have been collaborating with the best of them to create or own one.

The project is launching, and we are looking for people who want more than just a space to invest and profit from it. We are standing for a vision that the best investment is to develop oneself. Our founder stands as a role model for the people who surround him.

What do we offer? We have been working on our NFT collection called Apex Humanity. We are talking a lot about the future and what it looks like. In our idea, the collection totally represents that vision. We see our community members as the apex of our humanity, as these people are seeking new opportunities for personal development and growth. So Apex Humanity embedded the idea of our common future. When you look at these items for the first time, you may understand what the willpower of modern men and women is.

We offer to participate in minting and choosing the suitable membership program afterward for everybody who wants to join us. This includes the community of like-minded people, the opportunities for personal and financial development and growth, and the minting of the collection with a good profit on the market, all embedded in our special Learn2Earn app. For more information, you can check our website

Speaking about NFT selling, it is worth mentioning that the more unique the item is, the larger amount of money it can bring to the one who chose to participate in minting or owned the item by becoming a member of our Seaside Club.

To become an owner of the time will be possible when it is available for purchase on our website through the initial sale. During the purchase, a randomly selected NFT will be created in the blockchain and delivered to your wallet. The easiest way for you is to get the MetaMask extension in the browser and connect to the Ethereum wallet. Make sure you have got enough ETH there for the cost of NFT and transaction fees. Approve the purchase on MetaMask, and you are the owner of your own Apex Humanity NFT item.

To participate in minting, subscribe to our community in Discord and check the information about all the announcements.

We have presented all phases of the project on our website. Our goal is to provide only the most attractive offers and real-life benefits to NFT membership holders so they get only the best possible options.

More about our NFT collection

We are collaborating with creative and well-known artists and new aspiring ones to give more opportunities in minting. There are such options as Diamond, Gold, and Silver Membership Programs available for the appropriate level of NFT membership a person owns. During phase I of our project, we are releasing the NFTs we have been working on, the Apex Humanity. You will find unique artwork there and will be able to become an owner.

On our website, you can check the WhitePaper and all the phases, what each of them has to offer, and all the benefits of each membership. We are looking forward to creating bigger opportunities for those who decide to join us and develop together. All the members will get unique NFT drops for membership holders.

The most investment everybody can make is to invest in themselves, and this is what we are offering with our Seaside Club. Our vision is to greater future opportunities for all members of our club. The virtual world and cryptocurrencies will play a significant role in the future of our world, and we want to participate in it.


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