Strategizing For The Future: Interview With The Megacast (9/2/2022)


How helpful is a stock market coach, even if it’s just to get started?

People have a high emotional tie to their money. There is a lot of pressure when you are potentially able to lose. 

Being a coach, I get to come in and help members detach from the emotional relationship with money. By removing that emotional attachment, you can look at the chart and strategies for what they are. Sometimes the answers are right in front of you.

The two main emotions we usually see are fear and greed. You either fear you’re going to be wrong or you get greedy thinking “this is going to be the one” when you should have taken the profit and gotten out.

My job is to remind you of your game plan and that the stock may turn around. If you do decide to hold on to that stock, I can coach you on how to best protect yourself so you don’t give all of your money back. 

If you were to ask people how they lost money in the market, a lot would say they “didn’t see it coming”. They may have been so focused on how much they were going to lose, they froze… and then lost it all.  

As a coach, I can also help you realize other strategies are available to make money when the market is falling or going sideways.


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