This NFT Art Gallery Hosts A Mind-Blowing Psychedelic Flower Exhibit You'll Want To Check Out


Deep in the heart of Panama, Marie-Claire Pérez Hammerschlag (a.k.a. Marie OnHeart) will be debuting her premier collection of 420 completely unique psychedelic flower NFTs at the Psysital NFT Art Gallery. The collection will release via Zoopsie’s Gallery, adding yet more lush and psychedelic art to this epicenter of naturalistic NFT art.

Hailing from Panama City, abstract and multi-faceted artist Marie OnHeart has been creating her art since the pandemic era and has already won multiple awards, including a second-place finish in the Apollo contest from ALAF, an honorable mention in the Roberto Lewis contest, and a Canva Design Challenge. She also received the official Invention License honoring an original artwork from ALAF for her piece titled “Digital Chromatic Piracy.”

Her recent digital work explores the boundaries of form and linearity with chaotic, iridescent, and wavy lines that showcase the plurality of being and reflect her personality.

The Psychedelic Flower drop will be a free mint. These flowers will then act as the centerpiece collection that puts you on the whitelist for future drops of Marie OH’s upcoming main project.

The collection consists of:


My little companion Neon Party

Weed of Love Orgullo


Work Hard, Play Harder!


Unicorn Heart

One Peaceful World


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