Top Five Ways to Advertise Any Business


These days, many business owners are able to boycott the limitations of advertising via traditional media, all thanks to the digital marketing landscape. While the innovative tools in the digital space have increased advertising options, the challenge remains that with options comes the responsibility of making choices. The question many business owners ask is, “if there are many ways to achieve my advertising goals, which of them is right for me?”

Choosing the best advertising media for your business can be tough because while each medium has its pros and cons, the size of your business, your budget, and your resources need to be factored in. In addition, the evolving adverts’ terrain, as well as buying habits and how consumers make buying decisions, have changed

In the end, choosing what advertising channel(s) to settle for is not an easy decision. If you are wondering which way to advertise your business, we highlight the top five ways below:

1. Local Listings/Location-Specific Sales Strategy

Local listings are used as a directory by many of your targets. Recent statistics show that about 97% of consumers learn about local brands online, mostly via a Google query that reads like “[insert desired service/product] near me.” Searches that include “near me” according to Google were reported to hit 200% in the last 2 years. Got a Google My Business or Yelp profile?

2. Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns

Emails are convenient and less intrusive than phone calls or ad pop-ups. A whopping 99% of email users check their email daily— some as many as 20 times daily. This points to why emails are one of the most successful of today’s marketing tools. More interestingly, reports have it that 61% of consumers confirm that their most preferred medium to be contacted by brands is email.

3. Optimize Social Media and Enlist Influencer Endorsements

The trendy way to connect and communicate is through social media and virtual spaces. 59% of the current population of the world uses social media, spending 2.49 hours each day on various platforms. Not only are your prospects on social media, but most buyers also look up social media profiles of businesses before making their buying decision. Optimized/active social media coupled with quality influencer marketing can change your sales game.

4. Publish Reviews and Reward Referrals

Request reviews or create a sales strategy with a built-in review aggregator and publish them. Not only does feedback help you ascertain customer satisfaction, but it can also be the ‘bait’ that helps your prospect make their first and subsequent buying decision. Businesses record more sales after sharing reviews. While reviews and referrals are somehow linked, stringing an incentive or freebie to referrals can make it twice as effective.

5. Use third-party Advertising Services

A comprehensive paid advertising strategy does much more than increasing sales, it enhances brand awareness and visibility. Hence, outsourcing video adverts to experts bring both short and long-term benefits. With Adlook brand advertising solutions, for instance, you can enjoy future-proof, zero-waste ad distribution that substantially increases your visibility by leveraging cookieless development, artificial intelligence, and technical expertise. When choosing a third-party ad agency, choose the one that is transparent with your campaign’s data, insights, and performance to enable you to be in charge always.

Building an amazing product or service accounts for less than 50% of a successful business. The other 50% is brand advertising—- actively (re)packaging your products/services into actual offers that your targets cannot resist.


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