Twitter Rolls Out Elon Musk's 'Game Changer' Feature Globally — How You Can Make An 'Impact'


Twitter has introduced the Community Notes feature to users worldwide. Now, those who want to make an “additional impact” can sign up and become a contributor. 

What Happened: Twitter announced that the Community Notes feature is now visible to all users, enabling them to see and rate notes.

According to the microblogging site, Community Notes is a program that empowers people on Twitter to add notes to tweets that might be misleading. Contributors can suggest a note on any tweet, which other contributors will rate. Only notes that are rated helpful by enough people will be shown.

Why It’s Important: Users who want to become a Community Notes contributor must not have recent notice of Twitter rules violations. Their account must be at least six months old and have a verified phone number. The phone number must be from a trusted phone carrier and not associated with other Community Notes accounts. 

In the last week of November, Twitter owner Elon Musk hailed the Twitter Community Notes feature for flagging his fake news post.

Earlier, in November, Musk had even called Community Notes a “game changer.”

Around the same time, Community Notes’ official accounts announced a new update that “identifies more low-quality notes,” saying it would improve the average quality. 

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