Ukraine Blacklists Tulsi Gabbard And Rand Paul For 'Promoting Russian Propaganda'


Ukraine has accused dozens of American nationals, including U.S. army reserve officer Tulsi Gabbard and Senator Rand Paul, of promoting “Russian propaganda.”

What Happened: A body Centre for Countering Disinformation (CCD) set up by Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s government to combat misinformation has issued a list of “Speakers who promote narratives consonant with Russian propaganda.”

The list issued by the subsidiary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council, established through a presidential decree, had 28 American nationals on its lists other than people from European and Asian countries.

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CCD was launched last year to act as a “reliable shield” against information threats from inside and outside Ukraine.

Other than Paul and Gabbard, the department also named journalist Glenn Greenwald, retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor, academic John Mearsheimer, and military historian Edward Luttwak.

This came after Gabbard endorsed Russia’s claims in March that there are over 25 U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine. Paul has also said that NATO and the European Union had driven Ukraine into conflict with Russia and voted against military aid for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Zelenskyy said the Ukrainian army had killed nearly 40,000 Russian soldiers and tens of thousands more “wounded and maimed” since Feb. 24.

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