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By Lawrence G. McMillan

The resistance just above 4300 on $SPX has held, for now. There are two major entities generating that resistance: 1) the downtrend line of this bear market, and 2) the declining 200- day Moving Average of $SPX. After failing at that resistance, $SPX quickly fell back below the 4170 area, from where it had broken out earlier in August. The bears, it seemed, had a chance at that point to engineer a larger downturn, but they were unable to do so. So for now, there is support at 4120+, with resistance at 4218 and 4300. A breakdown below 4070 would be more severely negative.

We are beginning to see some disagreement between indicators using similar methodologies. For example, the equity- only put-call ratio charts are giving opposite signals at the moment. The standard ratio is making new relative lows and is thus on a buy signal, but the weighted ratio has started to rise and is thus on a sell signal. This is rather unusual, and we would not expect the two to deviate for long, but for right now, they are not in agreement.

In a very similar fashion, we are seeing the same thing from our breadth indicators. At the moment, the “stocks only” breadth oscillator is on a buy signal, while the NYSE breadth oscillator is still on a sell signal.

A new $VIX “spike peak” buy signal occurred at the close of trading on August 25th. Also, at the current time, the trend (intermediate-term) buy signal is still in place.

In summary, we are retaining a “core” bearish position because of the downtrend line on the $SPX chart. Beyond that, we have mixed signals, as both buys and sells have appeared. Regardless, we will trade the confirmed signals as they occur, around the “core” bearish position.

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