Why Real-time Messaging Software is the Future of Business


Real-time messaging software (also referred to as chatbot software and business chat software) is becoming an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. The reason? Real-time messaging can help facilitate faster communication between employees, streamline office operations, cut back on phone time, and even automate tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming or burdensome.

If you are a business owner, you understand how important communication is. You download similar apps like Whatsapp to streamline communication and keep track of the latest news in your company. However, your success is also greatly contingent on the chosen communication tools.

Chatbots have been around for a while now, with the first message being sent in 1971 by Joseph Weizenbaum, a computer scientist at MIT. However, chatbots have become more sophisticated over the years, and today’s best messaging solutions combine artificial intelligence (AI) with virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This article covers all the benefits of real-time messaging software for any business!

What is Real-Time Messaging Software?

Let’s begin with the basics. It is a virtual assistant that can respond to text messages with both helpful replies and automated actions like scheduling meetings and sending documents. Real-time messaging software can also be used for one-on-one conversations and can be configured to work via phone, email, Slack, and other channels.

Real-Time Messaging (RTM) is the use of software to conduct real-time conversations with end-users in a conversational format. This solution is different from virtual assistant functionality like email, calendar, and spreadsheet management, as it is designed with the end-user experience in mind. Although it is an emerging market, it is steadily gaining popularity as more businesses realize its potential. Chatbots have been around for a while but have become much smarter over the years. Today’s best messaging solutions combine artificial intelligence with virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So, let’s move to the key benefits of these tools!

Automate Tasks and Processes

First off, these tools can automate tasks and processes to decrease time spent on repetitive and mindless activities. Your team can use chatbot software to handle routine tasks like scheduling and sending emails, dealing with sales inquiries and basic operational needs like managing calendars, scanning documents, and tracking file storage. Bot-powered software can also automate other processes like invoicing, sending time cards, creating reports, sending performance evaluations, and even collecting data for analytics. The key is to identify the automation processes within your business that can be automated with chatbot software. By automating tasks and processes with a chatbot software, you can free up your team members to focus on more challenging, strategic, and strategic activities.

Reduce Office Hours and Phone Calls

You can use bot software to answer common office questions such as “What time is the meeting?”, “Schedule the meeting,” and “What is the agenda for the meeting?” It can also be used to schedule meetings, manage calendars, and send reminders. You can even use virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa to help you schedule meetings and keep track of your day. Real-time messaging software can handle calls and schedule sales meetings if you have salespeople who call in during off-hours. Virtual assistants can also be programmed to use information from your CRM system to help your salespeople get their jobs done.

Reduces Costs

Reduce costs by automating processes and functions within your business. You can use bot software to handle routine duties such as document scanning, scheduling, and tracking that can be automated with virtual assistants. Bot software can also be used to automate routine reporting functions that can be automated with reporting software. For example, you can use it to create custom reports and dashboards with data from your CRM system. Moreover, it can also be used to automate budget tracking, invoicing, and tax calculations. Virtual assistants can help you manage expenses and stay on top of your cash flow.

Improves Employee Engagement and Retention

You can use bot software to automate business tasks with virtual assistants like booking travel and managing expenses. You can also use it to automate employee training with virtual assistants like Udemy for employees who need to learn new skills or for employees who need refresher training.


Overall, you can see that real-time messaging software is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. From automating routine tasks and processes to reducing costs and improving employee engagement and retention, real-time messaging software can help you achieve more within your business. In addition, best-in-class business chat software can be used to automate the business process for your virtual assistants. This ensures that you and your team members are able to focus on more strategic activities and have access to help when they need it most.


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