$13.4M fuel-cell projects get IDA incentives


Two projects to construct fuel-cell facilities in Holtsville and Setauket will get economic incentives from the Town of Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency. 

FourGen-H LLC and FourGen-S LLC, both affiliates of Melville-based NIC Holding Corp., the parent company of Northville Industries, will construct the two projects at a combined cost of about $13.4 million, according to an IDA statement. 

FourGen-H plans to construct a 920-kW fuel-cell electric power generator on about 2,000 square feet of an 8.4-acre vacant lot at Northville’s Holtsville Terminal. FourGen S plans to build a 1,380-kW fuel-cell installation on about 3,000 square feet on 54 acres at Northville’s terminal at 19 N. Belle Meade Road in Setauket. 

Fuel cells generate power through a process called catalytic steam reformation, which converts fuel into hydrogen. The hydrogen and air are supplied to the fuel cells and an electrochemical combination produces direct current electricity, heat and water. The direct current electricity is converted to alternating current, which is then delivered to the electric grid.  

In use since the 1960s, fuel-cell technology has been employed in NASA’s space shuttles. Fuel cells are more fuel efficient than Long Island’s typical power generation facilities and emit virtually no pollutants. The units, which look like shipping containers, are about 29-feet long, 10-feet high and about 8-feet wide. 

“These projects represent a continuation of Brookhaven’s leadership on clean energy initiatives,” Frederick Braun, chairman of the Brookhaven IDA, said in the statement. 


Image and article originally from libn.com. Read the original article here.