Some people favor browser-based online wallets because they are more user-friendly. Due to security concerns, we do not advise using this type of wallet, but the Dogechain wallet is a good option if you only need to store a small amount of DOGE online. The good news is that everything in this wallet is encrypted, and Dogechain will never have access to your wallet data. Since the encrypted files are kept in the cloud and not on the DogeChain servers, you could still access your money even if a nuclear attack destroyed all of the DogeChain servers at once.

A few hours earlier, a post on Reddit claimed that the Dogecoin community had started a “Dogechain” that was allegedly powered by DOGE. But it now seems that this could not be totally accurate. The chain presently supports a number of popular meme coins, including DogeEatDoge, DogeBurn, and DogeTools, according to the publication. According to reports, the chain was started on the Ethereum blockchain. The message also didn’t appear to convince many DOGE enthusiasts on Reddit, with many of them claiming that it is untrue. The smarts of the Dogecoin community are a good thing.

It’s an easy fix that works particularly well if you travel frequently and might need access to your Dogecoin wallet from many computers and places. A replica of the Bitcoin blockchain exists on Dogecoin’s own blockchain. It is actually a duplicate of Litecoin, which itself was a copy of Bitcoin. It’s interesting how little trust the Dogecoin community seems to have in a website that purports to be affiliated with the creators of the Dogechain. In addition to employing Doge for gas payments on the aforementioned chain, it asserts to provide cheap and quick transactions, DeFi capability, and NFT support.

More About Dogechain

One of the most well-known dog-themed meme coins on the cryptocurrency market is dogecoin. The coin has a sizable fan base and has even gained backing from influential figures like Elon Musk. Having said that, it’s almost expected that a coin this well-liked would draw the attention of dishonest people.  Some might try to take advantage of it by defrauding people.

However, the Dogecoin blockchain is a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain. This means that in order to verify transactions and add new blocks, miners and processing power are needed. Its limited capabilities also prevent it from supporting any apps. As the new Dogechain (EVM-compatible) is already in testnet, there are ways around that. Users will be able to use their Dogechain in smart-contract applications like DEXs. Lending and borrowing apps, and even NFT marketplaces thanks to this blockchain.

Some reacted to Dogecoin because it has a strong community, which has been demonstrated. Large chip corporations already accept DOGE in exchange for goods and services, which is why. The first DeFi apps that will actively use Dogecoin will also soon be released thanks to Dogechain. This is already in testnet. A coin has more value stored in it the more uses it has. As the Dogechain mainnet starts later this year, let’s see what happens.

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