IRON token is still trending. What about the CNX token?



Iron Fish’s native utility token IRON is still trending. This proof-of-work (PoW) based, the decentralized platform is publicly accessible. The team created its blockchain project aiming to give its users high-level privacy guarantees on every transaction. It believes that privacy is a fundamental requirement when it comes to protecting users. If developers want to expand the use of cryptocurrency around the world, they must ensure people’s security.

Iron Fish will become crypto that will enable customers to make fully-private payments easily. Moreover, this project closely follows the Sapling protocol. The team has equipped every account with a view key, aiming to grant the token holders read-only permission for their account details.

In addition, the company’s networking layer will support WebRTC with WebSockets. As a result, it will allow all customers to make a true P2P connection easily. They won’t need any other setup requirements. With such an approach, Iron Fish plans to challenge the existing patterns of full node usability. The team has built its first Iron Fish implementation so that it can extend it to run a full node directly in the browser in every future iteration. But the major goal is to lower the barrier to entry. Thus, any user with a computer will be able to run a full node.


What does the CNX token offer? 

CNX-Network launched its hot token on June 1, 2022. The sale will end on September 30, 2022. The token is trading for 0.008 USD per 1 CNX during the initial coin offering. Besides, the total supply is, but only some percentage of this amount is available at this stage.

According to the founder team, CNX-Network is the first sustainable blockchain-based network around the globe that provides encrypted and interconnected applications. Furthermore, these apps are built on the same interface, and customers can use them in daily life. However, they run on their own blockchain and use native digital currency.

The CNX team builds different platforms that are all connected to its network. It enables users to use the range of 7 quintessential apps at the beginning. However, the number of apps can expand beyond 100. The network already boasts more than 200K customers, and the team believes that it will achieve even more success in the future.

The company values its community and aims to offer its members opportunities to gain. It also invites developers and companies with interesting ideas related to this project to join its network. CNX also aims to develop the NFT Marketplace, as well as a special CNX Prepaid Card.


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