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Harnessing Microshare’s Sensing Network data to address labor shortages and sustainability.

A powerful new app that links Smart Building data and Digital Twins with practical business operations debuts today at the LoRaWAN World Expo in Paris, launched by Philadelphia-based Microshare, a leading Smart Building technology and sustainable data firm.

The new app, dubbed React-M, pushes recommendations, alerts and scoring data directly to relevant teams and professionals, allowing for prompt and targeted reactions and providing an important link between the Internet of Things (IoT) data that Microshare’s solutions produce and Business Process Management (BPM) programs.

The app enables large gains in productivity per head among operational staff and third-party contractors, driving cost savings, mitigating risks, and improving service and customer satisfaction. From office environments to multifamily buildings to complex environments such as manufacturing and transportation hubs, the data produced by Microshare’s EverSmart suite of solutions now drive behavioral change and bring forward the response time to IoT insights.

“There’s been a lot of money spent on IoT projects, but the business fails to capture their full value because their staff fails to react to the data,” says Tim Panagos, Microshare Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder.

“React-M receives recommended actions triggered by IoT events interpreted by AI on the Microshare cloud. These recommended tasks are displayed as app notifications on the user’s phone or tablet, making it easy for staff to remediate problems before they get out of hand. Our experience tells us that behavioral change is the elusive last mile that determines the success or failure of most IoT projects.”

React-M guides the user step-by-step from alert to resolution, recording the time taken at each step. Process reporting allows management to see how their organization is handling challenges across even the largest, global portfolios. It is an ideal fusion of IoT, AI and BPM technologies because it takes the guesswork out of getting the most important things done.

Microshare’s EverSmart suite of IoT solutions create data on aspects of building management like occupancy, air quality, energy and water use and other performance and ESG issues. This data, often nonexistent before a Microshare deployment, will help global clients by

  • helping operational teams make the most of tight labor resources
  • supporting sustainability and ESG reporting efforts
  • providing new insights into the safety and responsiveness of indoor spaces to reassure occupants
  • helping portfolio managers and CIOs “right-size” real estate footprints in line with new remote and hybrid work practices

React-M app by Microshare

Simple React-M workflow: Service request > Alert > Staff claims task > Remediate > Close task

Click here to get the new white paper from Panagos and Microshare Chief Product Officer and Co-founder Charles Paumelle describing the philosophy and value proposition of the new IoT-BPM linkup.
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