Peloton to launch DIY Bikes to Reduce Costs


CEO Barry McCarthy announced that Peloton is aiming to launch bikes in the Do-It-Yourself format in its bid to cut costs.

The company plans to introduce rower in the right time of holidays. In its ‘different’ strategy, Peloton is developing the new model to counter the competition in equipment business.

Following hard on heels to the third round of layoffs, Peloton has concluded in redesigning its bikes allowing the users to assemble independently.

CEO Barry McCarthy is developing a plan that would let Peloton app subscribers potentially view workouts on third-party workout machines.

Barry stated that Peloton has been innovating on a bike redesign “for a while”. Barry said he hopes Peloton’s long-awaited rower might debut during this holiday season.

He confirmed the fact that the company is still working on the Tread Plus.

Earlier, MacCarthy has briefed the idea of changing the hardware designs in the effort to provide the future Peloton equipment be customized to be delivered in single piece. The current practice which requires White-glove delivery in separate pieces with a crew visiting the customers home and assembles it.


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