EP 117: The Importance Of Small Wins In The Market


By using the skills he’s learned, he was able to apply a strategy using options. He took his initial investment of $3,530 and made a 20% profit of $720 in just one day

In a perfect world, if he was able to keep this going, he would be able to grow his account $14,440 in just a month. $172,000 could be made in just 12 months. 

But we know this isn’t a 100% guarantee – it never is. So what if he only got it half right? 50% of the wins would yield a possible $86,000 in 12 months. 

What if he was right only 25% of the time? A possible $43,200 earnings could be made in those 12 months.

That is someone’s full time salary. 

These are the “small” wins I want to focus on. These will add up over time and could be life changing for a lot of people


Image and article originally from thebrownreport.com. Read the original article here.