Ukraine Army Gets Crowdfunding Via 'Revenge Messages' For Vladimir Putin's Forces On Rocket Shells


A crowdfunding website is raising money for the Ukrainian army by offering people worldwide the chance to commission ‘revenge messages’ on artillery shells before firing them.

What Happened: The crowdfunding initiative by is offering an inscription on a projectile, bomb, or rocket, which will target Vladimir Putin‘s forces in return for a donation to the Ukrainian army.

“Russia is fueling conflicts worldwide, destabilizing the situation in various regions. This affects overall stability and disrupts supply chains, leading to economic crises, famine, and ruined lives of ordinary people,” the website says.

“Help Ukrainian soldiers punish Russia for everything,” it added.

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The activity has become a growing and lucrative fundraising tactic for Ukrainians in the nearly six-month war with Russia, with no end in sight. Even Americans are paying for slogans on bombs aimed at Russian forces. 

According to The Washington Post, the most prominent crowdfunding group, Sign My Rocket –which provides similar services as – has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the war effort since the invasion on Feb. 24.

The report noted that “Ninety-five percent of the orders are in English and most are from the United States,” with some of the messages reading “Hello from Texas,” “From NATO with love,” “London says hi,” and “Remember the Alamo.”

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