Vladimir Putin's Ally Alexander Dugin Hails Daughter Lost In Car Bombing As 'Martyr'


Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s hardline ally Alexander Dugin has hailed his daughter, who died in a car explosion earlier, as a martyr who “died for Russia.”

What Happened: Russian ideologue Dugin’s daughter, Darya Dugina, died in a car explosion on Moscow’s outskirts on Sunday, for which the Russian authorities have blamed a Ukrainian woman, whom they alleged is a Ukrainian special services contractor.

Dugin, at the farewell ceremony standing next to his daughter’s casket with her black-and-white portrait in the background, said his daughter “died for the people, died for Russia,” The Guardian reported.

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“The huge price we have to pay can only be justified by the highest achievement: our victory,” he added.

“She lived for the sake of victory, and she died for the sake of victory. Our Russian victory, our truth, our Orthodox faith, our state.”

“The people fighting against us do not understand that the Russian people are not just made up of those who are alive now but are made up of those who lived before us and will live afterward. And we will become stronger with the blood of our martyrs.”

Meanwhile, Kyiv will be celebrating 31 years of independence of Ukraine from the former Soviet Union on Wednesday — that date coincides with six months since Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also expressed concerns that Russia might take the provocative step of putting captured Ukrainian soldiers on public trial as the war-ravaged county marks 31 years of independence.

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Photo via Mehdi Bolourian on Wikimedia



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