WeSendit introduces its hot WSI token. What about TAMA? 



WeSendit is a promising company that unites developers, business analysts, designers, and engineers. The team searches for different talents to unite for one purpose – to create a successful and advantageous platform. This company will offer its users real, adequate protection. It will ensure customers’ privacy which is especially important nowadays. ​

WeSendit uses decentralized Web 3.0 technologies. It wants to create advanced data processing tools. This platform will be user-friendly, secure, and reliable. It’s the step in a new generation Defi. Various platforms trade several billion pieces of user data worldwide daily. Moreover, they do that without the users’ knowledge and permission. As a result, companies misuse this ill-gained information for advertising purposes. WeSendit aims to offer security were the other major corporations fail to do the same.

The company also created its native token – WSI, to gain investors and ensure that the project prospers. It will launch the token sale on September 1, 2022. The ICO will end on October 31, 2022. The WSI price will be 0.011 USD per coin. The total supply is 1500000000, but only 8% will be available for purchase at this stage.

The team stated that personal data is the most valuable asset after the people’s fundamental rights in the digital age. As a result, they deserve more protection than they currently have. No state or organization should know everything about a person’s salary, social environment, or consumer behavior. The WeSendit team aims to ensure that users’ data and personal information is safe online.


How will the company achieve this goal? 

The team has over ten years of experience, and it boasts exceptional expertise in technical and mathematical fields. Furthermore, WeSendit has a great roadmap and definite plans for future development. The company is currently creating encrypted communications for future use. It also plans to develop decentralized user tools with WeSendit 3.0. Those tools will respect users’ privacy. In addition, they will offer the highest security against all kinds of scams and cyberattacks.

The company is pretty ambitious. It aims to inspire 3.5 million customers from over 150 countries to use its premium services. WeSendit hopes to increase the attractiveness of its service in a fast-growing market environment, along with its traffic. The platform provides protection for the transactions, the privacy of data transfers, and other activities by using blockchain technology. It also leverages viral marketing, as well as targeted key account partner management. The company will generate strong growth by offering these services to corporate customers. ​

The team has already built a professional and efficient structure. It continually analyzes comprehensive fundamental data from both decentralized and centralized application areas as it plans to develop its unique selling propositions and reach out to the global market.

Furthermore, WeSendit offers great features for secure data management. The team noted that maximum safety is its standard. The platform encrypts users’ data end-to-end when it is sent. Besides, the company ensures to send the data only over the network customer chooses. Users can also easily switch networks with a single click or specify a different configuration option. They don’t even need to change the code.

However, the company will check customers’ data anonymously to ensure its safety. On the other hand, users can optimize their backup strategy with WeSendit’s backup and recovery object storage platform, which is WEB3-powered.


What is Tamadoge, and why is it popular? 

Tamadoge is one of the latest entries into the Doge ecosystem. And like other coins, it offers great benefits and boasts strong potential for gaining. The team created a TAMA token to bring profit to its users. While there are many similarities, Tamadoge also differs from its predecessors. It is pushing the boundaries of the play-to-earn space. The company aims to offer users a game they will be climbing over each other to participate.

Moreover, this platform will enable players to mint the doge they want to. It will also allow customers to breed, battle and train their NFTs to hit the top of the leaderboard every month. The team plans to expand the play-to-earn opportunities in the future. It wants to add augmented reality experiences as the latter will allow users’ NFT (which are essentially Tamadoges) to play with their friends in the Tamaverse world. The company has a good roadmap and aims to become one of the most successful projects in the Doge ecosystem.

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