Where to Sell CS: GO Skins in 2022?


Selling skins in CS: GO has always been of interest to users of this game. There’s a huge number of weapons available, so through CS: GO, it is possible to earn money with the right sale. But at the same time, the ability to sell CS: GO skins and receive real money is not possible on all trading platforms.

Only some sites allow you to make a quick transaction and withdraw the money earned to an electronic wallet or credit card.

To implement a deal in CS: GO, you need to find a marketplace where sales are quick and at competitive prices. You want to invest your money properly and profitably, and not just to get rid of unnecessary weapons.

Proposals must be:

  • safe;
  • secure;
  • fast;
  • with a lot of withdrawal methods.

Take this into account before you start selling.

Which Platform Should You Choose?

Many will say that Steam is the best choice. Chats, a large community, a workshop — all this is provided by the platform. But there is a caveat: you will not be able to get real money.

Many people will say that there are other similar platforms. But here, it is important to decide whether you are ready to lose money if the platform refuses to pay for unknown reasons. Plus, many sites take a large commission for withdrawing funds, which will not appeal to those who want to earn money and not lose a lot of money on commission.

At the same time, most sites offer very limited and inconvenient withdrawal options for selling skins.

You need a platform such as DMarket. Here, any user can generate real income from a computer game, which can either be invested in the game itself or, for example, transferred to a bank card. The game has become not only a place for leisure but also a place for trading and, in some cases, a long-term perspective.

The platform makes it possible to withdraw earned funds, and there are many withdrawal methods. It should be noted that all transactions are legal. The platform takes its clients’ security seriously and introduced a mandatory procedure for financial instruments — KYC (Know Your Customer). This procedure makes it impossible to work with scammers and gives a full security guarantee to site users.

Money in Exchange for Skins

The platform allows you to sell single or bulk items (if you have accumulated a lot). The user can set the cost of any game item himself or use the platform’s recommendation service, which selects the optimal price for a particular item.

The sales interface is designed, so the user does not have to make extra clicks. Select an item, specify a personal wallet, and the transaction is completed. Within a few minutes, the money can be seen in a personal account. However, the minimum commission is inevitable, as payment systems charge for their services.


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